Who dis?

1. I'm Hillery Powers.

2. I'm Casey Powers' sis-in-law! Yes, I totally name dropped there. I also know Appa the Bernese Mountain Dog personally.

3. I met you once, at the Hand Lettered Holiday event that Mama's Sauce put on. You signed my print and it hangs above my lettering desk (ok this is starting to sound like a Craigslist missed connection). I know I totally sound like a fan girl—I just love your work and am super inspired by the fact that you started out making photo backdrops for parties with your friends.

4. I live in Orlando, FL but Casey and Brooks' lil babe Pippin is overdue for a visit (and who are we kidding? Appa, too). I already looked at flights to SF and they're not too bad one week from now!




📞: 321.271.8824

Applicable experience:

I create large-scale hand-painted photo booth backdrops at my job (in addition to managing the photography studio I'm building this page on). I spend many 12 hour days on the floor of our downtown Orlando studio in my socks, painting letters on giant rolls of paper.

As for X-Acto blades—I basically spent 3D design class in college with a bandaid on my middle finger due to excessive paper cutting. In the photos below with snowflakes and hanging live carnations, I strung those up with fishing line. And I helped build those robots, if that counts for anything!


I also co-own and am the primary designer for Local Love Orlando, a product shop with screen prints pulled locally by the guys at none other than Mama's Sauce. So I'm learning a lot about long hours spent lettering dozens of iterations of a single word and then meticulously trapping artwork for print.


Why I'd love to assist you:

In 2012, I got a short design internship at a startup while nannying in New York. I walked into my new job at the WeWork SoHo West office and accidentally took the elevator to the top floor (I think). The elevator doors opened, and all I saw (and this is a real story!) was a beautiful hand lettered chalkboard that said "The Future Inspires Us". I spent the subway ride home thinking about it, and when I got to my apartment searched for the artist. I found chalkboards and installations you had drawn around the world, from Brooklyn to Tokyo. That was a catalyzing moment that made me realize that my hobby of drawing letters could become paid work or even a career someday. I've been working toward that goal ever since, and seeing you work and assisting in any small way would be an amazing opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to read this!