We specialize in taking portraits—

—and not just your typical "say-cheese" corporate headshots. When you come in for a portrait session in our studio, we work to capture your personality, attitude, and expression. The result will be beautiful, flattering portraits that give clients, casting directors, or potential employers a glimpse into who you are.

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  • 10 minutes

  • Pre-set light-grey backdrop (backdrop cannot be adjusted to match specific look)

  • 1 look

  • 1 retouched image



  • 20 minutes

  • Choice of 1 available backdrop color

  • 1 look (possible minor wardrobe change, like jacket or tie)

  • 2 retouched images



  • 30 minutes

  • Choice of 1 available backdrop color

  • Option for full-length shots

  • 1–2 looks (possible change of shirt/outfit)

  • 3 retouched images



  • 1 hour

  • Choice of 1–2 available backdrop colors

  • Option for full-length shots

  • Option to spend half of session outside

  • 1–4 looks

  • 5 retouched images

*If you'd like, we can book a hair and make up artist to be present at your shoot. Send us an email and we can inform you on additional cost.   You are more than welcome to bring in an artist of your choice. Just let us know and we'll provide a space for them.


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The backdrop color or style of headshots you'd like, whether you'd like to send new hires to our studio throughout the year, if we can come to your office and shoot 4+ headshots in one day, etc.