Who we are:

Local Love Orlando + Macbeth Studio

Hillery Powers + Jim Hobart

📞: 407.961.2858


localloveorlando.com + macbethstudio.com


We are the same team running two local companies: Local Love Orlando (an online shop of Orlando-inspired products) and Macbeth Studio (a downtown photo and video studio). We'd love to have a booth that incorporates both handmade products and photography.

Description of booth:

  • We'd create and set up an interactive photo booth with live posting during the event, so attendees can post/tag their pics and help spread the awesomeness of Grandma Party Bazaar. We know that there has been a photo booth in years past with printed photo strips, but this offers a digital option as well. Our initial brainstorm is to create a tropical winter wonderland that incorporates elements of the two below photo booths. Palms and snowflakes!


Why do we want to be a part of Grandma Party Bazaar?

We've heard amazing things about this event from past vendors/attendees. We love being a part of local community happenings, especially those that support local makers and artists. We make stuff with our hands (and then hire local companies like Mama's Sauce and Real Thread to print them with their hands). We also love Stardust and grandmas. 

Cool secrets

There's a (supposed) underground tunnel under Orange Ave that leads from the Angebilt (where our studio is located) to the Beacham. It's debated whether this tunnel was used to transport famous people unseen, or to hide alcohol during Prohibition. Either way, it's cool and (sort of) a secret.