Elderly people needed for a photo & video project.

Do you have an elderly loved one that would allow us to capture them in photos and video? We're not looking for supermodels, just ordinary folks in their homes. Macbeth Studio is exploring a new project, and we'd like some real people to work with as we formalize the process.  

We are looking for elderly individuals and couples (60s, 70s, 80s), who will allow us to photograph and record short video clips of them, in their home or other living space.  In exchange, we will provide you and your family a selection of still photos at no cost.  There is no obligation to speak on camera, or wear any special wardrobe.  We just want to photograph them as they are, where they feel most comfortable.

We will be on-site less than 2 hours, including setup.  We will request that the person who nominates be on-site with us when we arrive.  We will require each individual sign a model release form allowing us to use their photos and videos for promotional purposes. 

If you feel like you have a good candidate, please fill out the following form, and we'll be in touch.

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Elderly Subject's Name
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I am willing to make arrangements for Macbeth Studio to spend up to 2 hours on-site for photo and video purposes *
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I understand that the only compensation will be a selection of photographs from the session. No other compensation is offered or expected. *