First Friday Fotos began in October 2011.

At the time, Macbeth Photography was just settling into its new home in the Kress building in downtown Orlando. Jim was plenty experienced with photography, but he typically shot things that didn't move. Like buildings. And entire cities below from 3,000 feet.

Making the switch from aerial and architecture to portraits took a lot of practice and new connections. Offering a monthly event at a big discount gave Jim the opportunity to shoot a ton of portraits and meet a lot of interesting people. 

Two-and-a-half years later, First Fridays are still happening in the Macbeth studio. We choose a different background color and theme for every month. The price is the same as always ($20), everybody gets a 5-10 minute session, and the photos are posted at a resolution fit for social media. Our latest theme is always posted here.

If you're looking for a neutral background of your choice, a full hour session, and a disc full of high-res photos to choose from–a quick First Friday session isn't for you. You can set up a full executive portrait session by contacting

A lot of people ask "what are First Fridays like"? So, in lieu of words, here's a fun timelapse from our latest April 2014 event. This one was a costume party– so look for strange and interesting combinations of superhero masks, tutus, and headdresses amidst some serious headshots being taken.