Hi, all! I'm Bailey, the newest addition to the Macbeth Photo team (you can see me in some of the pictures below). 

Yesterday was my first day at Macbeth. Ecstatic, eager, excited, exuberant...I was all of the "e" adjectives! I knew as the new intern I would be learning BOAT LOADS of new things! What I didn't think would be happening on my first day? Having light saber sword fights with my new coworkers. But, it happened. And it was AWESOME!

You must be confused. "How are light saber sword fights relevant to your internship with Macbeth?" I don't blame you for these thoughts. I really don't. But light saber sword fights have a lot more to do with learning about photography than you might realize. 

Here, I'll try to explain. We may not be chemists, but photographers do their fair share of experimenting. Rather than concoctions of liquids and gases, though, when we experiment, it's with lighting techniques to make our photos stand out from the crowd. Yesterday at Macbeth, we experimented with how to capture moving, multi-colored light using a longer shutter speed. We set up in an all black studio with a strobe light being used for about half the images. 

Here's what we got:  

Pretty cool right? Not a bad way to spend my first day at Macbeth Photo. 

- Bailey