“If you have a chance to capture your family member’s essence… do it.” — Sarabeth Jackson

The Legacy Life Project turns a year old on June 7. We’ve learned a lot.

We launched the Legacy Life Project on June 7, 2018. This would have been Jim’s father’s 79th birthday, but he’d lost his battle with brain cancer earlier that spring.

Jim kept telling himself he’d take the time to document his stories, and just never got around to it.

And then one day, it was too late.

In the year since we started this passion project, we’ve interviewed many fascinating people. We’ve captured the stories of World War II veterans, teachers, developers and one grandson of a slave.

Their stories are now archived for future generations to see and hear, so they have a sense of where they came from, and their place in the world.


Introducing a more affordable option.

We’ve also met some lovely people who said they’d like to do a personal biography, but the total investment was out of their budget at the moment.

We listened, and we have implemented no-fee, no-interest payment plan. Upon a very affordable down-payment, we immediately schedule the on-camera interview, which is the time-sensitive component of this.

So you can capture their stories, before it’s too late.


You never know how long you’ve got.

Twice this past year, someone has reached out to say they’re thinking about doing a personal biography.

Then, after some time has gone by, and then we find out that the subject has passed on, without capturing their story. And now it’s too late.

What we’ve learned is that it’s critical to capture the stories on camera as soon as possible. We can edit it any time, once it’s recorded.


Capturing the story is the critical part.

So please, if you have a loved one whose story you will want to keep for generations, please don’t wait. Contact us today for information about our payment plan, and let us get started today.

You just never know how much time you have.