Every month, we're faced with the (really fun) task of coming up with a new theme for First Friday Fotos, our social media headshot event. For our August edition, we decided to go back to an old favorite: pet portraits. Because puppies.

The good people of Appleton Creative were so kind as to let us take over their hardwood-floored, sort-of-animal-proof office. Our friends at Pet Rescue by Judy brought along volunteers, adoptable pups and kittens, food, and information about rescues. 

And who better to capture the event than Tommy the Dog? Introducing TommyCam™– GoPro footage from a dog's eye view.

(And if you didn't catch the actual portraits– check them out.)

And, just in case you haven't gotten enough of these animals, here are some behind the scenes photos taken out in the main lobby of Appleton. Photos by Jennifer and Hillery.


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