As Jim would say, "Sometimes being a photographer has nothing to do with photography." It's being able create beautiful work on the fly, to scramble to get everything you need for the perfect shot or improvise at a moment's notice. There is a whole lot that goes into a picture than just the picture-taking.

Today is just one example of the life of a photographer. The last minute idea to take photos in our studio to promote on social media the upcoming Rethink Homelessness event meant we had to act fast. All hands were on deck as we hurried to create a very detailed, hand lettered backdrop in just an hour's time, along with cardboard signs as props for the subjects. Our hand lettered sign was created by Hillery and reads "How will you help every Orlandoan have a home?"

With these photos though, Rethink Homelessness can now advertise the event taking place at Kasa in Downtown Orlando, where they will introduce the next phase of their campaign to build a better future for our homeless neighbors in Central Florida. 

To see how you can be a part of this movement to transform the lives of the homeless in Orlando, we encourage you to check out Rethink Homelessness on Facebook or attend the Monday night event on November 23rd. 

Sometimes being a photographer has nothing to do with photography.
— Jim Hobart