The Medical City of Lake Nona is emerging as an innovative breeding ground for astounding buildings, hospitals and schools. Lake Nona has made national headlines for it's technologically-savy and atmospheric Nemours Children's Hospital and the establishment of UCF's Medical School. 

Medical City is defying stale hospital expectations by continuously working toward creating a community that feels like a vacation destination with jaw-dropping and mesmerizing special effects sure to impress the kiddos. 

Nemours Children's Hospital was the first to show the world the importance in not only treating children with top specialty care, but also the importance of creating a happy environment that takes the fear out of hospital visits and stays. A lot of these techniques involving colored lighting effects that leaves everyone who sees them "ooo"-ing" and "ahh"-ing. 

Which leads us to introduce to you The Beacon at Lake Nona Town Center; A parking garage that resembles more of a Universal attraction than a garage outside the local Marriot.

What is interesting about this garage is it's ability to transform into a piece of art. The structure is covered in binary code cut-outs, where light travels through and casts shadows around the garage. Glass sheets attached all over the side of the structure also add to the wow-effect, and  reflect an assortment of colored light. Additionally, multi-colored light igloos surround the building and video projections are displayed on the 60-ft white centerpiece of the building. It's like nothing you've ever least not on a parking garage. 

We were fortunate to see this incredible piece of art before the public, as we photographed the structure for the press release that was sent to The NY Times.  Now that the news is out, we can proudly show you what we captured last Thursday, November 12th.