Setting up 24 self-assigned collaborative shoots in one year has pushed us to get creative with locations, concepts, and lighting. Especially with only about 4.5 non-sweaty months to shoot outdoors in Florida.

While brainstorming ideas for Woody and Chris, we were inspired by 1940's and 50's actor portraits– the style of shots George Hurrell took of Bette Davis in 1939, or of Joan Collins taken by Cornel Lucas in 1952. These photographers mastered Hollywood glamour photography, capturing their subjects in such a dramatic light that at times the photographs themselves were the cause of an actor's success.

About 70 years later, we spent an afternoon in our studio focusing on capturing the drama and glamour of silver screen portraits. Like all of our experimental shoots, there were moments of "That's not quite right..." and of "That's it! Don't move. We finally got it." Here's a look at the process, and the moments where we properly achieved the look we were working toward.